Doctoral Programs in Medicine – A Necessity

In order to gain the most out of an international experience, it is important that the students choose an appropriate and best-in-class study abroad program that is suitable in all aspects. There are a variety of programs available today depending upon the types, structure, locations and requirements. The students should sit and research well in order to get into a suitable educational institution that satisfies individual academic and personal needs.

Study abroad programs are focused with unique characteristics, like students, and thus it is vital enough to find the right “match” between the student and the program. These programs offer different ways for the international students to make their dreams come true and achieve excellent education that is widely accepted from any part of the globe.

Doctoral Programs

The awareness is very important since most jobs and businesses these days dwell on the global saturation for endless successful results at all costs abroad.

Some Universities offer the Doctorateprograms in Medicine and other verticals with the following aims to provide the tools and guidance to enable faculty to advance their scholarly careers in medical education:

  • Support and fund protected time for the faculty to conduct hypothesis-driven educational research

Deepen the scholarly commitment of the faculty to the educational research areas:

    • Clinical teaching
    • Curriculum development outcomes
    • Teaching and curriculum in patient care
    • Innovating assessment approaches
    • Integration of basic and clinical sciences
    • Portfolios
    • Professionalism
    • Reflection

International Students in Medical Schools in US – An Overview

With the advent of the Internet the mode of education has changed drastically. From distance education the word has changed to Online Education where the method of teaching has become imaginary. The course materials will be sent online with the advanced learning platforms and methodologies, which they can finish at home.

Deciding if an online medical school is right for you is an easy task. With the wide selection of programs, flexibility and structuring of the programs, the online course is a great choice for anyone who is new to the field or those who are experienced and longing  to learn more.

USA Medical students
International students are disadvantaged from the outset because less than half of US medical schools will entertain their applications. There is intense competition for the limited number of available institutional loans and grants, and private loans typically charge exorbitant interest rates and require a creditworthy US citizen-cosigner.

The number of international matriculates at U.S. medical schools is so low in part because most of them cannot afford the full cost of medical education, and so they can only apply for those several schools that provide at least some form of financial support.

Some of the Universities that accept International students for Medicine and other programs include:
•    Texila American University
•    John Hopkins University
•    St. George University, etc.

International students who come to the US for their undergraduate education are also at a disadvantage if they want to attend medical school in most European, African or Asian countries. Formal medical training generally starts earlier in these countries than it does in the US.

Most of these countries follow the European model for medical school training where students start in a medical curriculum as an undergraduate (freshman) and spend a total of six years in combined undergraduate and medical education.


List of Top Caribbean Medical Schools List as of 2014

When evaluating any medical school, you need to find the one that will best suit your needs so you can perform the best you can on the USMLE® Steps or COMLEX Levels exams.

Caribbean Medical Schools are one of the top discussions among the students who wish to pursue the premedical prior to becoming a physician. Getting admitted into a US Medical Schools is quite intricate due to the constraints of the GPA and MCAT scores.  Henceforth, the students would find it competitive to get admitted into the best medical schools or universities.

Caribbean Medical Schools
Some say that U.S. applicants should consider post-bac programs or retaking the MCAT before applying to medical schools outside of the U.S. Although there are valid arguments for both sides, this article focuses on 3 reasons why premeds may want to consider medical schools in the Caribbean as an alternative.

Admission criteria are moderate in the Caribbean Medical schools when compared to other medical Universities abroad.

The best and the top ranked Caribbean Medical Schools as of 2014 are as follows:
•    Texila American University
•    All Saints University
•    Caribbean Medical University
•    Ross Medical University

Many medical schools in the Caribbean accept a much higher percentage of applicants than schools in the U.S.  For schools outside the Caribbean, acceptance rates vary considerably, as these typically taxpayer-funded schools tend to prefer their own nationals.


Austrian has eight kg tumour removed

A 75-year-old Austrian woman is recovering in hospital after having an eight kilogram (18 pounds) tumour removed from her stomach – the largest and heaviest tumour the medical team in Graz has ever seen.

The tumour – which was as heavy as a seven-month-old baby – had been growing inside Maria Krammer’s stomach for several years, without her realising.
It was only when she started experiencing problems with her digestive system and severe pain that she went to the doctor, who recommended a CT scan.
Austrian has eight kg tumour removed
She was diagnosed with the massive tumour last week, and operated on three days later. Gerhard Wolf from the Graz hospital surgery team said that it was an exceptional case. “We’ve removed tumours half this size, but to have concealed something the size of a medicine ball inside your stomach is very unusual,” he said.
A complicating factor was that Krammer’s abdominal organs had been squashed and moved by the tumour. “This was a really big operation, and we had a great sense of responsibility,” Wolf said.
Surgeons at Graz hospital treat around 2,500 patients every year, half of whom are cancer patients who need surgery to remove tumours.
It took two hours to remove Krammer’s tumour. It is now being analysed at the Institute of Pathology, to find out why it grew so large. Doctors believe it is benign.
Krammer is already able to walk around and hopes to be able to leave hospital next week.

Source: The local

Panama is the happiest nation on Earth

If you’re happy and you know it, then you probably live in Latin America. Latin American countries dominated a Gallup poll that revealed populations with the most positive emotions.
Panama is the happiest nation
Coming in first place? Panama. A whopping 85% of Panama residents responded positively when asked about their overall well-being. Looks like money doesn’t buy happiness because Panama ranked 90th in a worldwide GDP, which means Gross Domestic Product. It’s basically a measurement of the country’s wealth. And 90th place is no bueno.

Singapore has nothing to sing about. They came in dead last and get this; they have one of the highest GDPs in the world. Only 46% of Singapore residents answered “yes” to questions such as “do you smile a lot?” and “do you feel treated with respect?’ Singapore even beat out Syria, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Now those countries have something to complain about.


Why to attend the International Medical Schools

Generally, the off-shore medical schools include those in the Caribbean and Mexico and a few in a Europe. Students, who do not get admitted into the US programs, can get enrolled in the Caribbean Medical Schools.

Getting engaged into a medical school is one of the competing things in the field of education these days.  A lot of preliminaries like a good extent of in-depth knowledge, patience, understanding of the human body and its working and a lot more play a vital role in determining a doctor.

Why to attend the International Medical Schools
It is very expensive to get into the best medical schools in the world. This fact cannot be denied but it is very important to make sure that the individual has opted for the right destination.

The students enrolled in the medical schools will be enriched with more opportunities for autonomous studies with elective coursework.  This type of academic curriculum would enable the students to face the individual approach, wherein separate learning tracks of varying education will be encouraged. Most of the medical schools adhere to the academic curriculum that would promote individual approach in all aspects.

USMLE is equally examination to get into the residency programs in the US. So overall the following steps are considered in getting into the top International Medical Schools:
•    Applying to Medical Schools
•    Eligibility Confirmation
•    Getting Enrolled
•    Academics – Course Completion
•    Examinations & Clinical Rotations
•    Clearing USMLE Exam
•    Getting into the Residency Programs in the US

Enrolling into a good Medical School is one of the major complexities faced by the students in the current age. Taking into account the medical schools and colleges in the USA that can be classified into different categories. Some institutions are grouped under the research side and some others are grouped under the attention on teaching capabilities and related academic activities.

Study Medicine in the Top Medical Schools

Applying to the medical school is one of the most competitive things you may ever have to do. Training to become a doctor takes a great amount of knowledge, patience, and knowledge of the human body. Medical schools can also be very expensive; hence it is important to make sure that you’ve chosen the right medical school that fulfils the requirements at your convenient and pace.
Study Medicine
Being a medical student, there are number o options to pursue the course. The different verticals may include biochemistry, immunology, obstetrics, etc. in various medical schools. There are a number of international medical schools in the Caribbean region a well with affordable tuition fees and comparatively moderate admission requirements.

If you have shown much promise as a pre-med student, including excellent grades and a drive to succeed within the medical field, here are the top 10 medical schools in the United States that may be just that eager to have you:
1. Texila American University
2. Weil Corner Medical School
3. Cairo University
4. Gondar College of Medical Sciences
5. Midwestern University

Each of these schools will provide you with a degree with a great amount of status and prestige. Many medical facilities would be honored to have a graduate from any of these schools working in their offices.